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The life of a 'mummy' Artist

..not the kind enbalmed and wrapped in a cotton shroud of course.

It is the queen of  paradoxes. Being mum is the most rewarding of privileges in life; yet we might dare ask the question why do we still feel unfulfilled?

Remember Nicola Horlick? Being Supermum, the icon for "you can have it all". Somehow I don't buy the that..I'm struggling some days. Yes the most important part of my life is of course my child, undoubtedly.   Everything amounts to nothing if she is not ok.  I know that. But is that it? Since April 2020 #lockdown,  life as we know it has altered forever;  What is the new 'normal'?  I don't think my life was normal pre-pandemic to be honest. My life, the last four years, has pretty much been like that of a single mum trudging through thick and thin and I've really not had a moment to focus on my career. Are there mums out there like me, a spouse/partner married to a job off site?  it became a joke in our...

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