Traditional Ateliers

By Tasleema Alam 

Artist Designer and Educator Specialising in Islamic geometric and ornamental design 

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Carpet Design for HM Majesty King Charles III    

April - May 2023, Turquoise Mountain Trust has invited me to design  an Afghan carpet for the Throne Room at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.  This commission coincides with the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. Working with the team at TMT, it has been an immense honour to be asked to create the geometric layout and the foundational grammar that is distinctly a Timurid Afghan carpet to reside in a Georgian architectural setting. My brief was to create the foundation on which the native flora and fauna of Hillsborough Castle could be depicted whilst conveying the principles of the garden of paradise, as is typical of Persian style rugs. The result will be a palatial carpet, entirely handmade by Afghan female artisans, in the Herat region. The carpet is so vast that a special loom has to be built and it will take 18  months to weave


My portfolio consists of commissions for private & corporate clients. The body of work spans  surface pattern creations from 2D to tactile mediums like clay, glass and ceramics. I create miniature paintings and watercolours using gold, specialist inks and natural pigments. Most of my works are in private collections thanks to dedicated patronage.  Please visit my portfolio. Reproductions or prints are available and commissions gratefully received.


Design Consultancy 

I have worked both locally and  internationally on Islamic heritage design. From exhibition installation, hotel refurbishment and cultural regeneration project, clients include South Bank, Turquoise Mountain Trust and The Princes Foundation.   Please see video of a sample of design projects below and if you want to commission any work please contact me

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 One of my greatest pleasures comes from teaching - ie sharing and exchanging knowledge with others. You may want to learn  how to draw, paint, design surface patterns, gilding or even  designing a portfolio I offer personal tuition for GCSE Art at o/a levels too. Click here for current courses. If you can't find what you are looking for message me for a tailored programme


Traditional Ateliers


Tasleema Alam 


I am an artist specialising in Islamic geometric & ornamental design. I work with natural pigments, ink and gold, to create watercolours, miniature paintings and calligraphy,  as well as tactile mediums like glass, wood,  clay & ceramics. Feel welcome to browse through the portfolio and contact me at [email protected]  if you have any queries or click below 



Artist & Designer 

I create specialist art works and provide design consultancy for  corporate and private clients. Take a look at the video for a collaboration with Turquoise Mountain Trust. ITHRA (Aramco). I have also recently worked on projects with TMT  for the furniture range at  Leighton House Museum, South Kengington, London



Teaching Sacred Geometry, Painting, Portfolio Building & more 

Access Anytime Anywhere 


"There is geometry in the humming of the strings and music in the movement of the spheres"  Thus - I'm  inspired  to share beautifully curated courses in Islamic geometry. Drawing patterns with meaning. Understanding how geometry underpins all great design.




Ornamental patterns - Islimi

Practical design and painting courses to help you understand the 'grammar of ornament' across the expanse of Islamic lands. From the Silk Road, Africa, Asia and beyond we bring you patterns that tell a story of the people, their lands, their traditions. Each course provides an opportunity to complete a masterpiece made by you.  




Artisan Knowledgbase

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  • Portfolio building
  • Corporate & school workshops.
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