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So what has been happening in 2022 ?

Dear friends

I have been silent much of this year. Thank you for bearing with me. We have had an intense beginning of 2022.  Around about January/Feb I finished an online class I was teaching and very soon I realised I was in need of downtime. Covid happened and went it seemed, except it hasn't really gone away. The after effects of this pandemic are many winged and I know everyone has their own personal story. I retreated into my own wilderness, hibernating and convalescing.

As an artist it is difficult for me to say but there were days I did not want to enter the studio. Art was never out of my mind, though. The winter dearth of 2021 and world events can play havoc with your thoughts and I have learnt to step back like a receding tide, take stock of  everything. It needed doing. The good news is that the work I had done last autumn, 2021, was so significant for me, that it continues to have a life of its own. So really, I was ok taking that time out, not...

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